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New but old redux

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Hello, new member here, Jason AKA rignerd.  Been lurking on here the few weeks, thought I should join once I got a real smoker.  Just bought a MES 40 from Sam's club and ordered an AMNPS from amazon.  I've been using the Webber kettle for the last 20+ years, made some great Q on it, but it is just too small to make a three meat smoke.  I also have a Q-2200 for fast cooking.  


About me: I live just north of Houston Texas.  I have 9 kids (3 boys, 6 girls) 5 from the previous marriage and 4 (prefab) with the new wife.  All the boys have moved out, not sure if they are cowards or geniuses.  I work in the telecommunications field, have done electronics and communications since 1982.  US Air Force veteran, 10 years active and 6 years reserve duty, separated with the rank of Tsgt (E-6) working in the Ground Radio Communications field.

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Thank you for your service!


Welcome to the forum.


Glad you decided to join us.



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