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UMAi Finocchiona

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AKA: Florida fire stick.


UMAi Finocchiona. 


If i can get great results with UMAi in and RV, anyone can anywhere.

Do whats best for you, you don't have to follow how i do this to get great results with UMAi.


Using UMAi salt/cure 2 mix and their Finocchiona mix. I added crushed red pepper.


TSPX Bactoferm 1/4 tsp mixed into 1/4 cup cold distilled water. Sit aside mix in last.


All the dry into a zip lock, mix well




I use a clean shaker for even distribution into the meat.


Right tube for the size bag.


First application of the dry, mix in well each application.


All dry and bactoferm mixed in. Now time to stuff.


The new horizontal stuffer worked great again.




Normally i don't weigh but i will this time for the noobs. Gram weights. While doing the weights i could already smell the fermentation happening.


Hang for fermenting between 78 & 80* for 72 hours, weigh again then into the fridge for while. I have a small fan in there to circulate thats not showing

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All in for this one, really want to try the UMAi.............:Looks-Great:

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All done with fermentation. Re weigh the sticks and in the fridge.




Sticks 1-13 weights the 22nd and 24th. All gram weights.

1. 186g/148g
2. 178/140
3. 182/144
4. 186/142
5. 166/126
6. 170/131
7. 172/130
8. 182/140
9. 178/134
10. 166/126
11/ 167/127
12. 174/132
13. 180/136

Drying pretty even.


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UMAi Finocchiona, Close to being done. Thinking another 4 days in the fridge. Weight loss is as expected around 40%


I'm liking the result


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