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New from OHIO

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Since I was a kid I was always fascinated by fire and smoke, so after playing college ball I set out to become a fireman. As if I didn't have enough fire and smoke in my life a few years back I got into meat smoking. I started out on a cheapo vertical propane smoker. It did the job for a few years, turned out some great meals. It has since been laid to rest after a giant oak tree fell square on top of it. I replaced that smoker with an Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn offset smoker. Just got it assembled and sealed up tight and was getting ready to clean and season it. But I have ran into a problem.

My problem is that the inside of the smoker has some sort of "glue"??? Stuck all over it that I can't seam to break down and clean it. I want to make sure all of that is gone before I smoke my first meal on it.

I was tossing around the idea of laying a bed of charcoal on the lower grates of the smoking chamber to burn it all off. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Hello and welcome to you, congratulations on that new smoker.

I can't answer your question 'cause I don't know enough about it.

If someone that knows more about it doesn't happen along soon

just jump right out into the forums and ask, you'll get answers.



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Welcome to the forum.


I've never seen a problem quite like yours.


But I would think that firing up the smoker & running it as hot as you can would burn off just about anything in there.


Maybe someone with a better idea will be along soon.



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