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All hail turkey legs

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So my wife, who is 6 1/2 months pregnant at the moment, comes up to me this week and says, "Sweetheart, remember when we went to Disney last summer and got turkey legs? Any chance you can make them just like that for me?"


Needless to say I agreed but was stuck. Searched and found a few recipes and thought i'd give it a go.


8 legs, no brine but butter injection with some chicken stock and spices. Rub is basic, garlic/paprika/onion/touch of cumin, and some fresh aromatics (sage/rosemary). Decided to do a mix of Cherry and Hickory on the wood, low and slow 225 for a few hours.


Before picture below, will post when its finished.


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Sounds like a great start!



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Not terrible I think. Because my MES only goes to 275, when I took them out I threw them in the oven under broil to get the skins crispy. Skin started to peel back a little under the heat but still looks pretty good, and tasty!


On to the next smoke.


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good looking turkey legs


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