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Shirley Fab

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Shirley Fabrications has had some problems, over the years, with some of their  smokers not flowing air and smoke too well.....  It was documented on here...  

Can  you please link me to where it was documented?

Thanks DanB

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If you just do a search under Shirley fabrications, a whole bunch of threads show up.

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Hi Just did a search, not much came up?

Thanks Dan

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One of our members, boykjo, travelled to a members home to modify his Shirley smoker....  The member was totally frustrated at it's performance... 

I found one thread.... it is below..... UGAfan is the member that had the original problem....   UGAfan travelled to Joes home...




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Hi Dave  I think you got the  company wrong.  That wasn't a Shirley smoker, Shirley  Fab is in Tuscaloosa Alabama. Doesn't even look like one of their pits. He got his pit from a Company in Georgia? Shirley's pit are 1st class and some of the best around, also they stand behind what they build.


PS That is why I was puzzled when I read that post.

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Post some info on the two smoker here....   I find it hard to believe to smoker manufacturers with the same name.... 

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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

Post some info on the two smoker here....   I find it hard to believe to smoker manufacturers with the same name.... 

Hi They have different company names.. One is Custom Pits the other Is Shirley Fab.

Shirley Fab.


PS Saw the pics noway is that Shirley.

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My mistake....  I was confused with folks calling them Shirley smokers.... 

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No Problem Dave. I researched many smokers and came away with Shirley giving me the best  bang my for $$$.

That is why I was soooo surprised when I read about the Shirley's having problems.


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I KNEW, there was a 'mistake' being made when I read what Dave O had written earlier about Shirley Fabrication smokers having issues. I wanted to reply and say that he must be thinking of another pit company. Looking at the photos that were posted, I immediately thought that it looked like a pit that Custom Pits and Fabrication builds. (I have been to their shop and looked at them several times in the last 6 months...I was even considering getting the 500 gallon pit). When Dave mentioned it was an A1,I knew he was referring to a pit built by Custom Pits and Fabrication. Having done several road-trips/homework and gone to visit each pit maker to kick the tires and pull the hair of each pit...Shirley Fabrication had me send in my deposit the next day. The quality and craftsmanship that I had read so much lived up to it's hype. I have 2 Shirley's or order. I guess I said all of this to say....even though a person may have their sights set on buying something and they read/hear just ONE negative review from someone (despite ALL other reviews being outstanding)....they may start second guessing their decision to buy that product. No one wants to hear any negatives about something they are considering buying.....I know I don't! With the exception of this 'mistaken identity'  by Dave O, I have yet to see any negative  comments or reviews  about Shirley Fabrication (not saying there aren't any out there)  Giving a negative review about  the WRONG company AND without seeing it firsthand or owning that product,.... I don't think is fair....even if it is hear-say. Even Custom Pits and Fabrications deserves that much. Being criticized by an actual customer is one thing....but being criticized by someone on the outside looking in...not cool. People need to be careful with what they say and how they say it. In the long run it does affect others. Just my 2 pennies.

Thanks for clearing that up DanBono....



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Originally Posted by DaveOmak View Post

My mistake....  I was confused with folks calling them Shirley smokers.... 

But, Shirley Smokers (NOT Shirley Fabrication), still is not Custom Pits and Fabrication (A1 smoker), who it is that you are talking about.

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sputdick, morning....   You have posted 3 times in 1/2 hour berating me...   I did say, " it was my mistake"...  I looked up the smoker in question and it was 4 years ago...    Check out UGAfans threads...   at least one member noticed, as did I, the same smoker was advertised on Craigs list, even here in Washington under different names...    If I had the add, I believe it was Shir=== smokers..  I'm saying it was my mistake, although I think I am correct but no way to prove it...  so......  " I made a mistake..."  

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LOL!!!! Top of the day to you too DaveO! It wasn't my intention to berate you. I thought I was being quite gentle in pointing out your mistake. You're not alone in the mistake department....I make 'em to....and I get chastised as well. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. I would...but can't... cuss you out for callin' me sputdick.....cuz it WAS funny:icon_razz:. Let's say we bury the hatchet and I buy you a cyber beer. Ok? Cheers!

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You can't hurt my feelings...   Fire away......   Beer.gif ...

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