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Spatchcock Chicken with White sauce

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I have seen recipes with chicken and a white sauce but have never tried this myself and have been wanting to. So today I grabbed a chicken and did the spatchcock thing to it (Removed backbone and laid it out flat. Put Salt, Pepper and some 3 onion rub on it and into my Oklahoma Joe at 225°.


Also took some mushrooms, cauliflower, Fresh beans and asparagus and put them in a cast iron pan and put them in the smoker for the last 45 minutes (boiled them first for about 5 min). 


The White sauce is Big Bob Gibsons recipe and was really good. I brushed the chicken the last 30 minutes and kept some for dipping.


Here are some picks.




Sorry came out blurry, guess I was shaking with anticipation.


Thanks for looking 


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Looks tasty!drool.gif
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:points:We're big fans of white sauce here. points.gif
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Looks absolutely delicious!


Great job!



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thats a fine looking chicken. points


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