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Weekend Brisket and Ribs - Qview!

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Hi all,


After a crazy last two weeks, I get to spend some quality time with my stick burner. :)


Tonight, I am starting with this:



I got this packer from my chef at work (a country club). It's not the best one I have ever gotten, but it will work.


Going to try suspending some fat over the flat end, because I think it's on the thin side. Keeping it simple with mustard, salt and pepper:



I thought I would throw in this pic of my fire box. I have taken to putting some chunks of lump and wood off to the side of the fire. Everything ignites right away and I have had a couple pretty smooth cooks doing this. I found that I couldn't do it with just splits. I need a little lump to keep the base of coals happening.



Home for next six to eight hours:



See ya' at wrap time! Planning on laying on the smoke for 6 to 8 and then wrapping and finishing in the oven.


Thanks for reading!

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Looking good!  How much does the brisket weigh?



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Great start!


I'm in too!



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