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Smoked Turkey do's and don'ts

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I just took 2 - 12 lbs turkeys out of the freezer. I bought them last Thanksgiving. I plan on smoking them next week. I have never brined and smoked a turkey. Is there anything I should look out for? Brine or not brine, what type of wood, how hot, IT to about 175? What else?

I'll send pics when I'm done.   

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Brine, dry the skin, smoke hot with fruit wood.
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Brine using apple cider for a base.Save the water for the shower. By doing this you will always get a crispy skin  and a nice mahagony color due to the sugar content of the brine. Cut back on the salt in the brine and you can leave it in there longer.

Ironically my supplier gave me the wrong turkey breasts last time. They were Jenni O oven browned. Basically a pre cooked deli turkey. I didn't brine I just threw them on the smoker and brought them to temp. Simply awesome! Best part there was not a ounce of waste as they were boneless and about 9lbs. each. They were like a pre cooked ham.  Really took on the smoke flavor and were perfectly juicy.

I will be using these from now on. Saves a lot of time and added expense of brining.

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