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Wanna be smoker

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Hi Everyone,


I've read lots of posts here and decided it's time to sign up and say hi from Alberta, Canada. It's been warmer than usual for us this time of year so I thought I would try my hand at curing and smoking my first ham. We bought and butchered a pig a month ago and I have a freezer full of pork to go through :) I'll be smoking the ham using a 6 rack Bradley digital smoker with the auto puck feeder.


My husband and I live on a 56 acre farm we developed from bare land over the last few years and now we're raising a few head of Dexter cattle, some meat birds and turkeys, and soon we plan to buy a couple weaner pigs for a pig roast this summer and the other for the freezer this fall.


I'm a complete beginner at curing and smoking. The only thing I've smoked was a pork shoulder on my BBQ last fall and it turned out awesome. Last year we made smokies and pepperoni, but my husband and his father did all the smoking. A week ago, I tried a dry cure out of my sausage making and curing book using insta cure #1, salt and honey and it was salty beyond belief on day 2. On day 2, I soaked it in an ice bath for 3 hours to get it to edible salt level. Since then I started another slab of pork belly that's dry curing with MTQ using Bearcarvers recipe. That belly is on day 3 of 8.


I'll be using a 4 lb, boneless, full muscle, pork roast and I'll be trying Pops recipe. Wish me luck!

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Welcome to the forum!


Sounds like you have a lot going on.


Looking forward to seeing some of your smokes.



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texas.gif   Welcome from East Texas, Bearcarver has some great Step by Steps.  Glad you joined up



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