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Long time smoker first time

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Good morning Everyone,

Stumbled across the forum perusing for information on how to smoke a goat I'm going to butcher out in a couple months, found some great info already. I am currently using a 55 gallon drum set horizontally with a side mounted fire box for my bigger smokes, I also have a Little Chief that I use to pre-smoke smaller stuff. If I'm slow cooking something whole (i.e...a hog) I use the "Three Guys From Miami" cooker. Basically a rectangular box built out of cinder blocks with a rebar rack and coals/wood chunks positioned in all four corners. Works great!

I'm in Southern California, little town called San Jacinto. Capital Improvement Project Inspector by day, husband/father of two/grandpa by night.

Hope Everyone has a great weekend and thanks for the join,

aka jrob72
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Welcome to the forum Justin!


Glad to have you with us!



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