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OverSmoker in Columbus OH

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Just got a MES 40 and a cold smoker attachment.


My only experience is grilling (Hot and FAST). [I can cook pizza on that Weber summit in 3 minutes flat]


So, I'm going to take a bit to learn Low and Slow...


I'm crazy excited to master this thing. My first attempt was pretty bad: I tried jerky but the result was overly smokey and acrid tasting. I Loaded the cold smoker attachment nearly full of dry chips (peach). I'm sure it was too much and too dry but constructive criticism is welcome.


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Welcome to the forum.


I have the smoker attachment too & if you put a piece of pipe between the smoker & the chamber it will cool & clean the smoke. Don't soak the wood chips. Here's a photo of what I'm talking about.



Hope this helps,



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Thanks Al,


I have seen a few mods like that online but I am having trouble reconciling the fact that the cold smoker makes acrid smoke as designed but chips inside the MES don't.


It's a tough decision on having to "MacGyver" a pipe duct.


Also, The chips lasted no where near the claimed 6 hours. I'm thinking I may as well bail on the cold smoker and go back to feeding chips through the side feeder.

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gave up on the cold smoker on 2nd try...



3-2-1 ribs. yum!

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