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No Guts No Glory

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Last week I got my smoker, seasoned it and smoked my first pork butt.   I did some mods on the Chargriller Competition Pro and it held temperature pretty good.  I had to babysit it but did not have much problems keeping the temp between 200-250.  I pulled my butt off at 190 so fell just short of the pulled pork I was going for.  Wont make that mistake again.  However, the flavor was freaking awesome. 


Tonight I made sure the new temp gauges I installed on each side of the door were at the correct temp and there is about a 20 degree difference on each side.  Not bad I can live with that, I expect the side closest to the firebox to be a little hotter, but I should be able to keep a stable temp between 225-250 using mostly hickory with a small log of mesquite thrown in every couple hours. 


Tomorrow for my second ever smoke I am jumping in feet first.  I am smoking 2 pork butts, 2 racks of beef back ribs, 3 lengths of Pork rib tips and for sides potatoes and a head of cabbage.  No pressure at all haha.  Firing up the grill around 6 and gonna throw the meat the food on at 7.  


Hoping everything turns out good.  I will post some pics tomorrow when I throw it on the grill.  Excited and nervous doing this much on my second smoke ever but feeling good about it.  


Any tips would be appreciated. 

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That's quite a load.


Good luck!



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Good luck with that cook. I hope you have lots of folks to help you eat. Waiting on the pics.
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:grilling_smilie:Go big or go home right! grilling_smilie.gif
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Wow, you weren't kidding! I have the same smoker and I wouldn't have thought that much food would fit in it. Great job with the smoke!

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I am actually surprised and impressed with this Chargriller competition pro.  I know it is considered a COS but the quality is not that bad.  


I do have a question for you all.  Maybe it is just the cut of meat I am getting at the grocery store here (we do not have a butcher so can only get whats at the store).  The pork butts took 13 hours to reach 200.  They are only 4lb butts and the temp was a steady 225-235. Well actually the last 3 hours I bumped it up to 250 cause I that is to long for 4lb butts.  I know there is a stall and I did not want to wrap them.  They were perfectly cooked but why did it take so damn long?

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Nice smoke!  That is a full smoker.  "Points"  Pork butts have a mind of there own.  They are done when they are done.  



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