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Smoking breasts!

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Smoked some chicken breasts tonight after a split 24 hour brine. One side was brined in a brown sugar, salt 1-1 with apple cider and garlic topped with pappys. The other was done in same sugar salt brine but with two oranges, soy voy and soy sauce 1/4 cup each topped with salt, pepper and garlic. Wsm @ 235 for 64 minutes and hmmmm they were good. I used pecan and apple chunk with ole kingsford blue. Sometimes it's a great twist to smoke the boring meats to wake them up. Pulled at 160 rested for 15 minutes. [IMG]. Nothing better than when the whole family loves it.[IMG][/IMG]
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 Those do look good. You just can't argue with success.



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Look really good.
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They look delicious!


Nice job!



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