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Big green egg

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Thinking about switching from propane Smoker to the egg. My Smoker requires me to add wood chips every hour to keep smoke going. Is that the case with the egg? Do you get smoke at all from lump charcoal? Will wood chunks last long enough? Want to start overnight smoking. But want enough smoke. (I do a lot of brisket)
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Hey Scott I've had my BGE since December. It is one of the best investments. You get great smoke from the lump charcoal and wood chunks. It maintains temp for many hours. It does take a little practice getting the smoker regulated but you'll get it. I've smoked a brisket for 8 hours took it off the smoker and removed the plate setter and grilled chicken wings and still had enough charcoal left to smoke a 5lb pork but for 5 hours all I did was just add a wood chunks. You will not be disappointed trust me. Hope this helps.
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Welcome Scott!  ffcane has you covered.  Lump and chunks will last a long time in that smoker and you'll get plenty of smoke.  I'm not familiar with the BGE dimensions, but a whole packer might not fit.



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Welcome to the forum!


Glad to have you with us!



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Thanks for the reply. My real question is did you add wood chunks throughout the 8 hour smoke. Or just initially?
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Just initially I add about 4-5 chunks and that's more than I needed.
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