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Commercial Fridge build questions

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Hello everyone, 


I am new here but have been reading the forums for awhile now.  I recently obtained a stainless steel refrigerator that I would like to convert to a smoker.  Unfortunately it has the foam insulation so I am in the process of pulling that out and replacing it with Roxul.  My biggest concern at the moment is the inside of the cabinet... It is aluminum, do I need to be concerned about this?  Replace it with SS sheets? or will I be fine?  I would like to use for both cold smoking and hot smoking.   Thank you for your input!!!

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Have you thought about using the outside shell of the refer for the inside of the smoker.  ??   Add the roxul and sheet the outside with cedar or T&G pine...   VOILA !!  SS lined smoker...

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Unfortunately the only SS on the darn thing is the door and two trim pieces.  The rest of the body is also aluminum, but I like the idea!!!  Thanks

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About 2 smokes in the inside will be covered in a layer of "smoke" residue anyway.  Unless you plan on scrubbing it squeaky clean after every use (and most people DO NOT), it should not matter.  Also aluminum will not matter anyway. 


Remember most of your commercial pans and trays that bakeries use for baking at 350-450* are made of aluminum (most are un-coated raw aluminum).  So if it's safe for the food to cook on while in direct contact with the aluminum, it should not matter that a wall of a smoker is aluminum instead of stainless.

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