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Smoking ham

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I have a 14 lb boned ham in a curing brine. It will be ready to smoke in about 2 weeks. I would like to have it for Father's Day dinner.
Should I freeze it out of the brine, thaw and smoke on Father's Day or smoke it out of the brine, freeze and warm it up on Father's Day?
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Smoke it when it comes out of the brine.....   Just checking but did you inject the curing brine along the bones and joints to prevent bone sour ??  That's an important step when doing bone in hams...     I'm not sure if "boned ham" is with or without a bone...    I just want to see your ham come out awesome...

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Yes, I deboned it but I also injected it. Should I freeze it after smoking or just keep it refrigerated until Father's Day?
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I'm leaning toward freezing...   That's 2-3 to keep it after smoking...    If I read the calendar correctly....

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You are right.
Thanks Dave, for the helpful advice. I will freeze and reheat when needed.
Can you also give me a site that has a tutorial on how to download pictures to this forum? I know Pride goeth before the fall (as the Good Book says) but some times I smoke a recipe, that I have found on this forum, that turned out exceptionally well and I would like to share it. I read somewhere on this forum, that no pics it didn't happen or something like that.
Thanks again.
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