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A pig's (nose to) tale - Coppa

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I had to login on the big boy computer since the mobile picture loading is still down.


Like most of my dried meats this is simple. Cured 3 weeks, hung for 9 weeks. I used collagen casing. Lost a little more than 30%.


I am glad I didn't trim the fat. Besides slowing the drying the fat cap is great tasting too.



Some of the mold from my sausages found coppa enjoyable




Sliced too


Very soft and silky (except the outter edge on the meat side). Great mild flavor.


Thank you for looking.

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That looks fantastic. I want to start curing meat now as well and have tried a little in the past with good results. Next step is a curing chamber.



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Lookin good I could go for some of that with smoked cheese.Try switching to Desktop,it has worked for a few guys


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That's what I did. On the phone the desktop version is PITA. I guess I will post less pics until this gets fixed.
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