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Live in SE CT. I am fairly new to smoking food to eat. I own a Smoke Hollow 30166E. I am not particularly fond of the smoker, it seems to me it just doesn't make enough smoke. It makes me feel like I have an oven to use outside that occasionally puts out some smoke. I have read some posts around here and have made some modifications to the chip box and now use my water pan as a chip box as well and still not really any smoke. I am thinking about getting a new one but I'm not to sure if I should get another electric one or jump to a gas smoker.

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Wecome from Southern Maine,,,welcome aboard.

Don't give up on your smoke hollow. Some times it takes a bit to learn how the work best. Lots of folks use them and are pleased with them. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Someone will have answers to your problems. Personally, I do not use water in my smoker. I just line the pan with foil and use it as a drip pan. Seems lots of folks do the same.

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Hello from Southeastern Ma. Did you end up getting the results you wanted from your smoke hollow, or move onto a different smoker?