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First roast beef on the MES

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So I've got a hankering for french onion soup, and since nothing goes better with french onion soup than roast beef (except maybe prime rib, and let's face it, I'm way too cheap for that!) I picked up a small 2.5 pound sirloin tip roast. Many moons ago, I smoked a small brisket flat, and it turned out OK, but I haven't attempted beef on the smoker in a while, and I've never done a roast. 

My plan is to rub the roast Friday evening with Worcestershire and SPOG, wrap and rest in fridge, then smoke with hickory and apple Saturday.I'm shooting for medium/medium-rare, so IT of 145, then wrap and rest for about an hour if I time everything right.

Smoking such a small cut, I'm planning on holding the smoker around 200, and I figure it will only take 3-4 hours.

Any tips or suggestions? I'll follow up Saturday with french onion soup and Q-view.

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It may take longer than the time you have allotted...  I'd start it earlier and pull when up to temp.... 


Also, if you have not modified your MES 30, rotate the roast...  The MES has a cold spot in the back right 1/4 of the smoker...   rotating the meat "should" get it cooked evenly....

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I use a sheet of heavy duty foil on the bottom rack of the smoker, or a drip pan under the meat, which is what I'll probably use for the roast to try and make some au jus from the drippings. Either way, I think either of these create enough heat dispersal that I've never noticed a cold spot. I will plan to put the roast on around noon to be safe. I'd rather have it rest a little longer than it not be done come supper time. Thanks for the input Dave!

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Do not cover the entire rack....  leave about 2" all the way around..  front, back and sides...

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Throw away aluminum pans work well.



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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Throw away aluminum pans work well.



Yes they do! The foil works in a pinch, but I like the pans much better.

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