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"New" in New Jersey

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I've been smoking ribs and roasts on my Weber charcoal grill for the past few years but it's always difficult for me to commit the time required to keep up with the charcoal and temps. After finding this incredible site, I started lurking and learning about electric smokers. Weighing all the options between the different makes/models available I decided to go with the MES40 BT (Sam's Club version) and Todd's AMNPS. Now I just have to get the smoker seasoned and the weekend to arrive. Thank you to everyone's previous posts that helped me decide and I hope I can return the favor (flavor?) at some point.

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Welcome to the forum!  Congrats on the MES purchase!  Looking forward to your future smokes.



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Welcome to SMF I have both the MES 40 BT and the WSM 18.5 I used both yesterday.

The MES was the first time I used it,worked great,you will like that one.For some really good tips cooking on it.



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Welcome to SMF. I sent an invite to the Jersey Group, check it out...JJ

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Welcome to the forum.


Glad to have you with us.



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