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Plywood smoker test run

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Test run of my insulated plywood smoker commencing. At 170 right now and puffing Applewood smoke like a champ.

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Looks good, more details?

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It's double walled plywood with 1.5 inch foam insulation. Bottom section is lined with hardi backer and aluminum flashing. Grates are 6 17x20 inch expanded metal. Burner is from a single burner camp stove that runs off 1 lbs bottles. Cast iron skillet for a chip pan. Stole the idea from a build posted on this forum.
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Looks great!


Looking forward to seeing it in action!




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Looks great!mind me asking size?dimensions?and what u used for plywood.....spruce/fir?hardwood?just curious as im converting one similar to urs someone was throwing out.Also what kind of temps u are achieving would be awesome:))
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Great project. Let us know how the cooks go for you. Looks like it could be a good setup to modify for cold smoking too.
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around here we don't consider it "stealing" since we post it for everybody's use... weather your a member or a lurker... although we would rather the lurkers become members... good luck with your smokehouse.. looks great ...
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Fir plywood. Maybe 48x17x22 in the chamber. I've just done some seasoning runs for now but plan on doing some ribs tomorrow. I've been running it around 200 for now. My chips are burning too fast and smoking too much right now (soaked and covered in foil). I think I need to put a spacer between the burner and chip pan.
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A bit of a spacer would help. Also get chunks of wood. 2"-3" chunks. Do not soak. You may need to use a torch or a lit briquette to get the chunk smoking.
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I think you are right about the chunks. I read a bunch of threads about TBS and that seems to be the common theme. I am using chips at the moment and am burning a pan (medium cast iron skillet ) in about an hour. I might need a better burner as well as it seems my cheapo single camp stove burner has some trouble getting the box to its desired temp.
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Chunks will help you out immensely. Another option would be to get one of the tube pellet smokers from Todd at AmazeN smokers. The tubes are designed to work in propane smokers. I have all four that he makes and they work great. He is a sponsor here and often there is a 10% off coupon running.

Here's the burner that most use here:
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195 and climbing. Probably hard to see in the photo but that is TBS from 3 chunks of pecan. Put a spacer in as well. Thanks for the help. I will definitely look into that burner. I would like something more reliable and tune-able than what I have now.

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Thanks for the info bud:)lookin good
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Looks fantastic:)
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All in all it ran well. Held right around 225. Peaked at 239. Took about an hour to get to temp. I think I need a higher btu burner if I smoke anything at higher than 225. I noticed that some of the exposed foam insulation near the upper vent melted a bit, so I will need to line that with some flashing. I also plan on putting a fold down shelf on the side for tools and such. All in all I am pleased with this smoker.
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I have used this Carolina Double Burner now for 3 years with no problems. I use the right side for my wood and the left side to regulate temp.


My smokehouse is 3ft x3ft x 6ft tall, and I can get the temp to 350, but I only smoke at 225.







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Dang, those are some good looking chickens. I think my box might be a little too small to accommodate a double burner. I looked at the one from Northern tools but since I don't have a store nearby I would have to pay full price and shipping to alaska.
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All good ideas start from knowledge from this site.
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