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I have been smoking for a few years. Some good some bad results. I have been using a 30" gen 1 that I bought new a few years ago. The only repair over the years was a new controller. I have recently purchased the AMPS, the pellet 3 row and the 12-18" expandable. Of course on my first smoke with one the high temp sensor crapped out. Controller set at 225 internal temp 350. I called MB and they no longer have parts  for my unit. So I ordered a 40" RF unit with the larger water bowl upgrade (no charge). I could not turn down the price of $220 plus shipping and no sales tax. I am looking forward to smoking and not to add chips. Also looking into some type of upgrade to the mailbox configuration so I can use the water bowl if I want to and cold smoke also.

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Welcome to the forum!  Glad you're with us.



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Welcome to the forum.


Looking forward to seeing that new smoker in action.



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