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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

To be able to tell the difference between 18 and 24 months on smoked cheese would be amazing.

Ditto that. I guess I'm not all that picky. I have some 3 month old that tastes pretty good 🙂
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Nice looking cheese Gary, I’m sure you will enjoy it.

 Kudo’s on making your own cheese. "Point"  That is one iron I’ve never placed in the fire. Aging and smoking the finished product keeps this old boy busy enough. 

Not all of the cheese we consume is aged. I frequently smoke and consume fresh cheese or cheese that has been aged for a short period that is “pretty good” although the aged cheese like the six and nine-year-old is “really” good and like wine, we save the fine wine for special occasions.

Yes, you can tell the difference between an 18-month-old cheese from a two-year-old of the same type. Although it continues to get better in time, the older it gets the less noticeable in time differences it will become, such as the difference between an 8-year old from a 9-year old.


Mr T

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I am a rookie to the cheese aging.  I guess I'm confused I wouldn't think that when I buy store bought cheese and smoke it it could age being vac sealed. I figured it would mellow as the smoke is absorbed,  But what I have in the fridge is the longest I have ever let age,


Like I said I don't know diddle about aging Cheese.  Still learning. All I know for sure is I like Smoked Cheese



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Smoking and aging cheese has been a passion now for more than 60 years. As can expected I have learned quite a bit along the way and am willing to share and I always leave myself open to new ideas and techniques. I'm not that old. LOL 


Aging cheese is relatively simple ( easier said than done if you like smoked cheese) and can be done in a relatively small space. Some like to purchase cheese and smoke it immediately then age. Others like to purchase the cheese and age it before smoking. Personally I do both, it just depends on the situations at the time. The advantage of aging before smoking is that the cheese is normally sealed better than I can vac-seal it for an extended amount of time.


I look at smoking cheese as I would adding cream to coffee. Whether the cream lies on top or is mixed in, it's there and the coffee will taste the same whether mixed or not. The trick to smoking cheese is being able to smoke it without any bitter taste, this then produces exceptional smoked cheese. Those who's cheese is bitter after smoking, are oversmoking, but that's my opinion.


Yes hard cheese will age after vac-sealing but will age better if waxed.


You most likely have seen the following thread. Mr T's "Smoked Cheese From Go To Show" w/ Q- View


If you feel I may be able to help in the future, please ask.



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Gary, I am late to this party. Point!

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how do you smoke cheese? what temp?

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