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First smoke - salmon

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First smoked salmon in my new and basically first (MES) smoker. Used the 4:1 dry brine. 150-190 for the temperature so I could get smoke from some apple woodchips. Since this was my first attempt I got to learn a lot. You'll see from my photo(if it works) I was focused on testing this round and a little impatient - While checking for doneness I couldn't help but dig in 😉. The taste is great and I have some good notes for next time. Can't wait to do more.
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Sounds like a great first smoke on your new smoker!





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Great! Salmon is fun and easy. You can very lightly smoke it for a dinner portion, or smoke it to jerky for the trail, or anything in between.

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It couldn't have happened for I don't see any pics   :sausage:

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Trying out tapatalk for the first time. We'll see how this works. Like it said, I was experimenting and couldn't help but dig in/poke and prod a bit

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Looks fantastic.  Good job.

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