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Hello Everyone from Michigan

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I'm mostly new to smoking, I have had a Brinkman "ECB" for years but have never been able to get it to work well for hot smokes. After reading of mods for it on this forum I now understand why! Since I've retired I now have time to devote to my "other" interests, smoking being one. I thought about moding the ECB but there is still the hassel of managing the charcoal, or converting to propane with the hassel of managing the temperature. I thought electric would be a good way to go. Then one day in our local Meijer I found an MES 30 on sale and I had a 15% off coupon and knew I could not pass that up. I bought it and have been having a ball smoking with it. On recommendation of many of the guys on this forum I bought a AMNPS and recently did a mailbox mod.

I've been "reading the mail" here on the forum for the past several weeks getting much helpful information. As I get more into it, however, I am having more questions so I thought I would join. I've noticed y'all are very helpful to newbies like myself. Thanks for running such a worthwhile and helpful forum!
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Welcome to the group!  Glad you joined us.



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Hello welcome nice to see more from Michigan I am in traverse city
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Welcome aboard!


Glad to have you with us!



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