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Wife out of town Smoking

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My wife is not a huge fan of smoked meats, so every time she goes out of town I get to cook what I want.  On the menu this week was:


2 - 7.75 lbm Boston Butts


Blue Cheese Macaroni


Smoked Baked Beans


Bacon Potato Salad


Pistachio Salad


Pigs on the Beach


Turned out to be a pretty good day.


Rubbed down and ready




Meat in and Smoke rolling @ 0545


5-6 hours in....looking good....wrapped them around this time.


Pulled the bone out clean (only 2 fingers on the bone)


Pigs on the Beach


Small Saturday Spread.

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Pigs on the beach? Pistachio salad? Could you share recipes please?
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Here is the link to Jeff's article:


My neighbor actually brought over the pistaschio salad.  I will try to give it to her.

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Nice meal there!


I can't believe your wife doesn't like that kind of food.


You really know how to work that smoker.



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Thank you.  It turned out really good.

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Very nice!



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Good looking eats, brother! Thanks for the link to Pigs on the Beach! I will be making those soon.

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Wow!!! All looks good from here!!!


Hope she's out of town for a few days to eat that much food. th_anim_burp.gif

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Thanks for the link. Those look like perfect appetizers for our memorial day shrimp boil!

Good looks awesome!
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Tasty looking smoke!
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