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Mother's Day Ribs

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Thought I'd post up a few pics of the baby backs I did for me & the wife on Mother's Day. The wood was hickory, at least until the ribs were wrapped, After that I switched to a 50/50 of hickory/apple for the beans that were in there, too. I removed the membranes, did a minimal amount of trimming & applied my Dizzy Pig rub  before letting them sit in the 'fridge for about 4 hours. I made my spritz up with honey, apple juice, Pepsi & squeeze butter. I gave them 3 hours of the hickory & spritz, then panned them, foiled'em & put the last of spritz right in the pan with them (bone side down) for another hour or so (maybe 15 minutes more). I removed them from the pans & put them back on the rack for another 45 minutes before saucing them. After saucing them I placed them back in the smoker & shut it down. I left them in there maybe 20 minutes or so before finally removing. My sauce was the Big Bob Gibson Championship Red I had made the day before from Chris Lilley's (BBG Pitmaster) cookbook. These ribs were outstanding.


Going in-


After 3 hours of hickory & spritzing. Ready to pan & foil-


Sauced & going back in for a few (above)-



Ribs & beans-


My first plate-

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They look delicious!


Great job!



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Wow I thought I was really late to this party LOL Ribs look good and so does the rest of the food. I made a PR in the oven Points for u


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Thanks guys. I appreciate it. I also appreciate that this was a beautiful, stress-free smoke for me.

I wish they were all like that. :biggrin:

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