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Greetings from Iowa

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Hey all, 


Glad to be here, A little background about me. I'm 28 about to be 29 and spend my work week designing control valves for a large process control company. I was introduced into the wonderful world of BBQ by my Grandfather, and I was always itching to smoke some of my own meat. 


Well my Grandpa (now in his 80's) decided that he had too many smokers and has started to give them out to family, My parents got a primo oval junior, and my Uncle got a BGE, and I was lucky enough to get a primo kamado. After he showed me how to replace the seal and I got my first cook done (wasn't great btw) I was hooked at trying to get the best tasting meat I could. 


And that leads me to here, so since getting my smoker I've done 8 racks of ribs, 3 pork butts, 2 whole chickens, 1 whole Turkey, and a partridge in a pear tree......... lol. 


Below is my last cook: 

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I would like to welcome you to this great site.

Would your grandpa like to adopt me, I could

use a great smoker too.

That's fine lookin' food you got there.

Glad you found this site.

Remember to have FUN.



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Welcome Adam!!!  :welcome1:


Those are very nice looking Ribs!!-----:drool------:points:




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Welcome aboard. You'll love this place. Excellent looking ribs BTW! 

Where in Iowa? I grew up in Allamakee county many years ago.

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I'm in Marshall county, about an hr away from Des Moines 

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Welcome to the forum!


Great Grampa!


Great ribs!



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Originally Posted by MeyerBBQ View Post

I'm in Marshall county, about an hr away from Des Moines 

Well welcome from a former Hawkeye!

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