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Total Smoker newbie

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Hi my name is Rich Day, I live in Gig Harbor, WA, I recently purchased a basic Char Broil propane smoker. I have never done this before and I have lots of questions! I would like to just try to smoke one of Costco's pork tenderloins , they are on the small side, I have read the other posts. I was curious about the time it would take to do a small tenderloin, I figure maybe about 2 hours? Is that about right? What is the best thermometer to get for a propane smoker, I looked on Amazon and found several.

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Welcome to the site and the smoking hobby Rich.  I have smoked one tenderloin but can't remember how long it took.  Not terribly long as I recall.  I smoked it keeping a close eye on internal temps and pulled it at 135*.  (IT raised to 140* while resting).  They will dry out quick if overcooked.


Many folks here use the Maverick two probe therm.

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Welcome to the forum Rich.


Like it was said above don't overcook it.


You can get a  $15 therm at Walmart that will work, but a Maverick is the way to go.


Good luck with that tenderloin.



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I'm a newbie too, and my first go-round was with a tenderloin.  It was a big one and cooked faster than I expected it to.  It was a little dry (because I wasn't ready to pull it off in time) but I was pleased overall.

I have the Maverick wireless two probe thermometer.  I like it just fine.  I also got the Weber iGrill bluetooth one that talks to my iPhone.  Happy with it too, and between the two of them, I can turn my back on my grill when I've got two different things going on it at once.  

But don't go far.  (See above) 

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I did my first ever smoked tenderloin tonight, using a standard Costco Pork tenderloin, about 3 lbs or so. I marinated them for 6 hours and then put a dry pork rub on 1/2 hr before smoking using a Char Broil propane smoker. I let them cook for about 2 Hrs @ 225-250. I realize most people said to do it until 135. but I was bothered by the fact that Pork is supposed to be cooked until a minimum 160.00,  I pulled it off at 155.00 and let it sit for 5 min, It was absolutely perfect!!! I am hooked!! I look forward to many more things smoked, and I hope to get many more ideas using this site.

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