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looking an offset smoker

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I have a propane upright smoker but I want to go to an offset smoker and use wood.

I have looked at a lot of smokers and have pretty much decides on the char-griller competiton pro.One thing I have noticed on all the offsets I have looked at is none of them have a grease trap.May sound stupid, but how do you get rid of the grease?

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I just recently purchased an Old Country Wrangler from Academy Sports. It's a little pricy but it's nice and thick like a custom, but half the price. $499. Mine had a scratch and they knocked 20 off. It has a hook for you to add a grease catcher.
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IMO, there should be a pipe plug on the exhaust end of the CC. If you are in love with a particular smoker and there is no drain, I would stop by a welding shop on the way home and ask them to cut a hole and weld in a 1" threaded outlet. Then I would get a 1" nipple and ball valve at lowe's. Make sure your CC drops just a little toward the drain.
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