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Hi from Southern Utah!

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My husband and I live in Hurricane, Utah and were given a Brinkmann Electric Smoker from a friend when he upgraded to a Master Chef. Finally got brave and tried it out yesterday! Kinda proud that I had no major problems with the Chicken Leg Quarters we smoked! (Pecan, smoked for 4 hrs)


I have smoked Turkeys for Thanksgiving on my "Homemade" Smoker/Roaster, and found it wasn't too good for anything but Turkeys, It is actually a (former) Gas Grill that gutted and used the Lava Rock Rack and the grate. I can smoke a 19lb Turkey in about 4 to 5 hours on Charcoal. 


I need some help with this Brinkmann though and will appreciate any help I can get!

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Welcome to the site. Congratulations on your successful leg quarter smoke.


You will likely get more response to your questions about the Brinkman if you post them on the electric smoker page.

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Welcome to the forum.


I did a search on your smoker & here's some reading for you.



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