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Memphis in May 2016

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I know Myron Mixon and Jack's Old South won Grand Champion for the 4 time in a row this past weekend. Real impressive! But who won the individual categories? I can't seem to find them.   

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I found it:


The full list of winners is as follows:

Grand Champion      $30,500           Jack’s Old South

Whole Hog:

1st Place $5,000 Jack's Old South
2nd Place $2,250 3 Taxi Guys
3rd Place $1,500

PLP Smokers, Competition Team

4th Place $1,000 Cotton Patch Cooking Crew
5th Place $750 Yazoo’s Delta Q
6th Place $600 17th Street BBQ/Apple City    
7th Place $500 Salty Rinse BBQ
8th Place $400 Pickin & Grillin
9th Place $350 Barbeque Republic
10th Place $300 Boom Boom Que


1st Place $5,000 Lillie's Q
2nd Place $2,250 The Pork University
3rd Place $1,500 People’s Republic of Swina
4th Place $1,000 Boofhead BBQ
5th Place $750 Moonlight Smokers
6th Place $600 The Grand Masters of Cooking Disasters
7th Place $500 Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q
8th Place $400 Southern Hoggers BBQ Company
9th Place $350 Parrothead Porkers of Hogaritaville
10th Place $300 Barnstormers BBQ


1st Place $5,000 10 Bones BBQ
2nd Place $2,250 Pitmaker-BBQ Addiction
3rd Place $1,500

Prime Time BBQ

4th Place $1,000

AOC Hogs

5th Place $750 Pork Fiction
6th Place $600

Give the Devil His Que

7th Place $500 Boss Pitt
8th Place $400 Smoke Masters
9th Place $350 Dirk Piggler’s Porkographic BBQ
10th Place $300 Born in the Que S.A.

Patio Porkers

1st Place $2,000 Phat Chance
2nd Place $1,000 Bastey Boys
3rd Place $750 Smoke a Little

Kingsford Tour of Champions

1st Place $1,500 The Shed BBQ & Blues Joing
2nd Place $1,000 Too Sauced To Pork
3rd Place $750 Boars Night Out

Grilling Green Award – Awarded to the team that collected the most recyclables: Sloppy Chops.

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Every time I read team names it Reminds me that I'm not very witty!
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They only cook pig there? No chicken or brisket?
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