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First ever chicken smoke

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So first try at poultry ever. Boneless skinless chicken thighs. Approx 90min smoke, fighting with too high temps this time... I'm now using a 10" cast iron skillet for the hickory chunks. Temps ran up to 304F, I turned the burner on and off during the smoke.

Everything turned out perfect and delisious . I'll upload pictures tomorrow. Smoking in the snow! Another first!
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Geez it's still snowing?


Where are you located?


Looking forward to the pics.



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Ya Al, snowed yesterday... Located in Kitchener Ontario. Only snowed for 20mins but man it was coming down!


Pics as requested/promised


Seasoned with Emeril's Essence




My setup 



After 90mins of hickory



Pared with 4 cheese risotto



A little out of focus...


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Welcome from SC. It's good to have you here. That's a really good looking cook.
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You did good. I see good eats, all in my food group. CF

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