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First time pulled beef

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Hope everyone is having a great BBQ day! I have been drooling over a post from last year that bear put up with a step by step pulled beef! Needless to say I hit my local costco yesterday and picked up a 3lb chuck let it sit over night in a SPOG with a tiny bit of Worcestershire and threw it on at 9:00 am! 4 hours in and it looking good.

Since my wife won't let me steal a cooling rack I had to improvise with some foil feet under the chucky.

4 hours in... Not much bark but it's sitting at 151 IT only increased about 2 F in the last hour... Guessing this is the stall I have heard so much about. Can t wait to shred this and get it in my belly!
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I smoked a chuck roast last weekend, so I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.  Good luck on good flavor.

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That looks like a great start. When I do pulled beef I usually foil at the stall with some beef broth and onions and take it to about 210 degrees! It's awesome! Can't wait to see te finish!
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And finished at 205 pulled and added a small amount of JJ's finishing sauce... Amazing!

Sammies with some coleslaw cheddar and sweet baby rays!

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Oh man! Those look great and I love he addition of the cheese. Points!!!!
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That's an awesome looking meal!





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Nice job on the Beef That is another thing I have not done,thanks for adding to my never ending list. Points


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