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Just tossed on some spares.

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Picked up three racks of spares and trimmed out to St Louis style. Here are the racks and the trimmed out parts. Might cut up some of the trimmings and throw in a pan of beans a bit later.[IMG]
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Great start!



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Nice looking ribs!  



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Looking good so far.  Beans are always a great side dish.



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Looks awesome. I'll be making some slaw with mine today!  Keep those pics coming! B

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Enjoy! They will be delicious. Spareribs are my go-to rib now......the last few batches of spares that have gone through the smoker have been much better than any of the BB's that I've smoked (and I've done a lot of them).....not sure why. Maybe it's easier to smoke the spareribs evenly throughout.....or maybe the fat content is a little more in line with what works better in my WSM.

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Good start




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Threw the beans on about an hour ago. Just reloaded some pellets in the tube. Not going to wrap just let them go they are looking good so far.
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That it looking great! b

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SG, looking good ! I'm doing the same with coleslaw ,no beans 

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Well they turned out pretty damn good. The racks were just the way I like them with a little tug off the bone. The flap meat was great in the beans and the tips were melt in your mouth tender. I don't know if I will wrap ribs any more or not.
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Thanks everyone for the positive comments. Hope everybody's weekend went well and hope to have the smoker fired back up in a couple weeks.
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Looking good!!! Something to try next time is save the dripping, chill and skim fat off the top and use the drippings in next batch of beans, I do it all the time when I smoke a pork butt and make some black beans, don't add any salt  to the beans until you've tasted them after adding the drippings, made that mistake once :icon_eek: 

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Awesome job with those spares!  points1.png



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What a great looking smoke.Kudos!



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