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Hello From Alaska

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Hi, I'm from Wasilla Alaska and have had several big chief and little chief smokers over the years.  My smoked salmon has always been a big hit!  I've changed my style of smoking over the years and now have a Traeger Pro - Bronze (which I absolutely love) and have a Bradley Original Smoker and Bradley cold smoke adapter being shipped.  Other than that, I do a lot of cooking on my Weber gas fired grill.  I'm looking forward to the Bradley's arrival.  I especially like doing cold smoked bacon and the new Traeger won't allow cold smoking as it throws an error and shuts down if runs at less than 125ºF for 10 minutes.  The older Traeger's would do it.

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Welcome aboard!



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Hello and welcome to you Doug.

Glad you found this place.




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Sorry for posting twice.  I had no idea the first post had gone through as I didn't get a verification or any kind of indicator.

Thanks much for the warm welcome!

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I live across the valley in Palmer. You are going to love the bradley. I have had one for years. I use it mostly now to cold smoke. If you have any questions these guys are full of great information. Welcome aboard
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Thanks much Jason.  I travel to Palmer every day, my office is there.

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