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Combining two types of wood to smoke Boston Butt

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I want combine 70% hickory and 30% apple wood pellets  to smoke my boston butt.  I am a newbie so I am not sure if I should mix up the pellets or add them in layers?  Any help would be appreciated.


P.S. Are hickory and apple my best choice?



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I like about a 65% apple/35% hickory blend.  The reason for this is the hickory smoke, in my humble opinion, is much "stronger" than the apple and can overpower it...but hickory is awesome :icon_biggrin: So if you are going for a milder blend, I would suggest a bit heavy on the apple.  I don't think you can go wrong with any variation hickory/apple blend though.


I tried pellets and don't care for them as much as chips or chunks.  But pellets are amazingly convenient and do wonders getting a pile of charcoal going.

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I often do 70% hickory and 30% apple. I like it with pork
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Sounds like a great combo.


Mix them together & let the smoke fly.



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70/30 sounds good to me

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Yep, as said, just mix the pellets up.  70/30 should be a nice blend.  I tend to just use hickory or pecan when I smoke a butt.  I like lots of smoke flavor, so I love the hickory.  Miss Linda prefers less smoke so she like pecan as its milder.



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Decided to go with pecan and apple.  We shall see. :icon_biggrin:

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When I mix wood, one of them is always hickory.  I usually do a mix of 30% hickory and 70% other.  I feel as if you use more hickory than the other wood, it would overpower it too much and may not notice a difference, well at least with my experience.

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I smoked a Butt today , now the main wood was Apple Logs but when getting toward the end of the smoke I did not want to use another log so finished off with Chunks in this order Cherry , Maple and Orange . Should be a fruity Butt.....:biggrin:

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