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Pork Butt

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Having a garage sale so i figured i will make some pulled pork for my apprenticeship class next week for lunch. The weatherman lied again it wasnt supposed to rain today nut its 40 and drizzling. My chairgriller with SFB is only up to 200. Here's a pic of the 9.5 pounder rubbed up with jeffs rub smoking with hickory ,cherry and cowboy lump charcoal.
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Just mixed up some of SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce. First time trying it out.
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Gonna mix up some of jeffs BBQ sauce next
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The butt looks great!


Good luck with the weather!



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Nice looking Butt, James. I think you did good using Jeff's rub and sauce. Be sure to let us see some finished pics. Joe. grilling_smilie.gif
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Shes still chugging along around 200-210 wish i could hit around 230
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What kind of fuel are you using? Maybe you need a little more air and fuel. Don't let it smolder and don't let your coal bed go down. Keep a hot fire and control the temps with the size of the fire. Just my $0.02.

Keep us posted.
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Cowboy lump charcoal with cheery and hickory
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If you are using the lump for all of your heat, try adding air. If you have any wood splits, use the lump for a coal base and add some pre-heated splits to the FB. Whatever it takes. That 40* air is kicking your butt.

Sometime when you have some spare time and a chicken or something else that's cheap, Try making a bed of coals with some Royal Oak and getting your heat up with pre-heated wood splits. Oak or any good dry hardwood.

Good luck, Joe
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IT is currently at 175 almost 11 hours in. I got alot of coals going in there to get the temp up the wind finally fied down about 2 hours ago
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Died down
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Well aside from you CC temp, everything sounds like its coming alone just fine.  You're going to love that finishing sauce--its my go-to sauce for PP.



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14 hours and shes done
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