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"In the red corner consuming charcoal and hickory chunks weighing in at 63 lbs empty being manned by the brutally handsome and muscular(LOL!) Pitmaster tbrtt1...The Pit Barrel Cooker..........and in the blue corner consuming 100% hickory pellets weighing in at ~125 lbs and also manned by the brutally handsome and muscular Pitmaster tbrtt1....The Traeger Lil Tex ......"





I will use a homemade rub on the ribs and some PBC rub on the chicken. My wife loved the chicken off the PBC last time I did it and I used the rubs that came with it so gonna do that again. 



The lovely wife likes cornish hens so gonna see how they turn out on the PBC. 


Will post some during the cook and of course the final results. 


Fais bon weekend, cher!

125 lb????


I haven't weighed that little since school.


You need to keep smoking and eating meat and bump up that fat level.


I do six pack curls while smoking meat.