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To much Bull (bovine) meat

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Had to put down an older bull due to broken leg. Now have around 100lbs of hamburger that will go bad unless I do something with it. Due to the bull flavor I am searching for a recipe that I can mix in and smoke. I'm thinking 5" by 8" by around 1/4" slabs. I plan on the test run of around 10 lbs.

I am new to all this so any hints or suggestions would be appreciated.


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I can't say I know what the flavor of bull meat is like, but could you try making some summer sausage out of it? 

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Hello mkriet: Thanks for the reply. Bull meat has a gamey taste somewhat like elk. Have a recipe for summer sausage?

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I don't have any myself.  I have made it before from some of the kits you can buy at the store.  What I would do is search in the top right corner for summer sausage.  


There is also a section for wild game in the forum that you could check out.


Or search the sausage section for wild game recipes.  Best of luck to you. 

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MM, As Mk said just click on the magnifying glass in the upper right and type in summer sausage for tips,recipes and other helpful suggestions !

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Thanks a lot folks.


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More work than SS but is tasty and would suit your needs...JJ

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Thank You JJ. I assume this will work without putting in casing. Do I cook IT at a higher level when making slabs for less time or just go slow? Apologize but trying to learn. Have Char-Broil 800 vertical gas (LP) smoker.

Will try it after order the F-RM-52. Have plenty of bull  (to experiment with). ;)

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PM Nepas. He is the man for sweet bologna and summer sausage. He has been putting SB in muslin bags lately with greats success...JJ

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You could also try soaking some meat in salt water to take away the gamey flavor. Some buddies of mine do that with deer steaks and tenderloins.
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