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First Q-View!! Mother's Day Baby Backs!

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Thank God I finally had a nice Sunday to pull out the smoker!  This is the first smoke for me this year, AND my first ever baby backs!  Up to this point I have only done St. Louis style ribs.  I used the 2-2-1 method on these suckers and they were AWESOME!  Now for some Q!!


Here they are!  Some delicious Baby Backs!  First I hit them with some salt and pepper.  Let 'em sit for about while, then on went the mustard and rub!  I used meatheads memphis dust recipe.


I got the Smoke Vault up to 225 with 3 chunks of Cherry wood for smoke (thanks smokinlicious!) and in they went!



First mod to the Smoke Vault...last year I routed my probe wires thru the intake at the bottom.  It worked ok, but was a bit of a pain sliding the racks in and out.  The probe wires are only so long.  After some searching I found this grommet that is supposed to go on the newer model Weber Smokey Mountain cooker.  5 seconds with a hole saw and the grommet popped right in.  Moving the racks around was much easier with the probe coming in in the middle instead of the bottom



After 1 hour, I basted 'em with a mixture of apple juice, apple cider vinegar, rub, and vegetable oil.  I hit them with a sprinkling of rub too.  Here is how they looked:



After 2 hours, they got basted and rubbed again.  Then I foiled them with some margarine, honey and brown sugar:



After 2 more hours in the cooker foiled, I pulled 'em out and hit them front and back with a little Sweet Baby Ray's that I thinned out a bit with some apple juice, then back in the cooker for 1 final hour!



After 5 hours of cookin, here they are!  GORGEOUS Baby Backs!  Loved every minute of it!



They came out perfect!  Just the right amount of chew off the bone, juicy and tender!  

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2thumbs.gif Your BB ribs look great!


Thought I smelled something good smokin' on Sunday! 

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They look delicious!


Nice job!



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Awesome ribs man.  I do like the mustard method, thats the way I do mine. Of course salt n pepper plain jane is good too let the meat speak for itself.




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They look great,nice bone showing and the meat looks tender Points




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First off, nice post with good info.

Second, great qview.

Third, wonderful ribs.


Other than these, it is only a fair post.





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