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Opinions needed Dyna-Glo 36" Wide Body LP Gas Smoker

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So I am looking at getting a new smoker and want to go the propane route. Does anyone have experience with this smoker or could you please provide some of your opinions about it? See the link below


Thanks in advance. 

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This is the smoker I almost went with, had I not had a windfall of Home Depot gift cards that needed to be spent, as well as a really nice 25% off coupon. 


From all the research that I did on that smoker, the only Pro/Con to it was the dual burners.


The Pro was that people living in colder climates liked it since they could still smoke with it year round due to the dual burners, and if it got really cold, it was easy to mod (adding reflectix) to make an outer shell to help keep the heat in.


The Con was that some people felt that when using a single burner, it caused some uneven heating issue, especially with getting your chips going. To combat that, some people were using a cast iron standoff (usually designed to hold up a dutch oven) and then a small cast iron pan to set their wood chips/chunks in. My original thought had been to fit the Bayou Classic 0-30 PSI Adjustible Regulator/Hose Assembly on to the smoker and just turn both burners on, and then use the adjustable regulator to make sure that everything heated evenly.


As far as my personal take on the smoker, I liked that it already had fire rope on the doors, so there was no need to purchase that or lavalock to seal everything up. I also liked that it had the smoke stack on the top. Where my smoking area is located, I get a really strong wind, and you typically want to make sure that you set your smoker vents perpendicular to the wind. With propane smokers I looked at, the exhaust vent was located on the back, exactly where you don't want it located since that side should face the wind. 


My only concern with this smoker was the latches, since I didn't know how hard or easy they would be to use when the smoker was hot.


That's my 2¢

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