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Pop's Cure Bring- Length of time in fridge

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OK so I have used this brine many times but this time stuff changed.  I put it in the brine on 04/19 and I took it out on 05/07 and smoked it on 05/08.  Now I have it in my fridge, wrapped, until I can slice it this weekend.  My questions is how long will this sucker last in the fridge after that long of a cure.

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Not sure I understand the question. If it's smoked it's done. Don't think the cure time has anything to do with it anymore it should last as long as bacon will last without freezing.

I have got bellies in the brine for over 2 weeks now, As I understand it you can go up to 45 days.

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WOW! Been awhile. Long time no see. Welcome back B...Brine Cured and Smoked bacon, should be fine for a week to 10 days. Longer than that it needs to be frozen...JJ

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It seems that if you let them rest uncovered for a week in the fridge after smoking they get a much better flavor.



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That is what I have going right now.  It will have been out of the brine for a week and in the brine for just over 2 weeks.  I see conflicting answers but do you guys feel that it is still going to be safe after I slice?  I will freeze it right away.

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The Cure does a good stop stopping the Fat from going rancid, The salt and smoke should keep bacteria in control. You should be fine...JJ

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You'll be just fine. Place in the freezer for 3-4 hrs before slicing and it will slice quite easily too. I let mine rest a couple days before slicing, seems to get better with time and dries some of the water from it just right.



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Yes Hoity, I freeze it before slicing.  I didn't do that the first time and it was awful.  Now even with freezing I have issues with the fat getting too soft so I have to keep putting it in and out of the freezer.  I usually work with two halves at once so when I need to put it in the freezer to firm I put it in the freezer and start slicing the other half.

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