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Iwhat is RSV?

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I just replaced my Old New Braunsville with a OJ Highlander
Have been reading some very helpful posts. But I'm a Newbie. What is RSV that is mentioned for sealing air leaks?
And can someone let me know exact dimension of heat deflector?
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Welcome to the site, I can't help with your questions, but try posting them over in the charcoal smoker section of the forum.  Good luck with the new smoker, and good smokin.

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You are looking for High Temp RTV, Room Temperature Vulcanization Silicone. Run a bead around door edges, cover with plastic film to keep from glueing the door closed, and shut the door. Let cure as directed and remove the plastic. This seals the small gaps. For larger gaps you may just need to run a bead but leave the door open to cure. Forms a thicker gasket...JJ

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