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boston butt help!!

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I started this butt late, around 1pm, it a 5lb and I did my first injection. I did not wrap it so it took a while to reach an internal temperature of 203 at a smoking temp of 225 on my smoker. I pulled it off at 10:30pm because I was starving..

When I went to shred it, it looked like the fat did not render down or melt away, did I do something wrong or should I of let it cook longer since I injected it?? Any advice is welcome!!
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Deep internal Fat will not totally render as there is no place to go. Any large deposits will be visible when you break it open. You can scrape them away or just close your eyes and shred the whole deal and mix the now tiny bits of fat into the rest of the meat and enjoy the extra flavor and extra moist mouth feel...JJ

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IMO, that internal fat at 203* should be easy to pull or scrape off when you're pulling your pork butt. It will always be present in a butt and is not a problem for me. I just have a separate pan and throw it over.

Good luck and good smokin', Joe.
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It scraped away easy, was just wondering if there was another way to maybe cook the fat so it melts into the meat
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You did awesome!  As the great one stated,  there is a ribbon of fat  across it.  When it breaks open, just rack it out with your cleaver.  I don't like it so I never serve it.  I also  trim my butts.  I remove all the fat cap.  I use the fat for sausage.


Looks awesome! 

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Yeah, when I pull my butts, there is always some internal fat.  It comes off real easy and I just add it to the dog food (neither Miss Linda nor I eat any fat.  Your butt looks like it came of beautifully.



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This is why I always pull the pork with my hands instead of forks or bear claws.

If you see a big chunk of fat just discard it.


BTW, your PP looks fantastic!



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Ditto to all above, and that butt looks great. I chop my shoulders Piedmont style but I always give it a quick pull with my hands first so I can pull out any chunks of fat.
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First let me say :welcome1: Glad to have you on board. Great looking Butt (pork butt that is) :laugh1: looks like you had a very tasty meal. Some fat OK not a whole lot for me.



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