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baby back ribs

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I have been playing with temperatures and times and recipes for smoking baby backs. I Usually just season them and throw them on the smoker (green mountain grill).

What are your tips, recipes, temperatures you do? I'd love any advice!!

Here a picture of my last smoke.. I did this low and slow for 6 and half hours..
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Those look tasty! I normally cook 225-250. From the look of your ribs you don't need any advice!biggrin.gif Just experiment with other recipes to find new flavors.
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I smoke baby backs at 250-275* after rubbing with mustard and Jeff's rub. They are usually in with no foil for about 3 hours +/- until a good bend. Then, I sauce/glaze for 15 minutes and repeat. Take them out and let rest for 30 minutes, slice and serve.

I buy baby loin back ribs at Costco. They are 3 in a Cryovac, with the membrane already off. Very meaty and always give me an excellent results.

Give them a try, Joe.
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You sure don't need advice on cooking those

they look perfect to me.

I always shoot for 225*.

Now it's just personal choice, do a little reading.

Tweak your rubs and sauces until you

get exactly what you want.



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I started the smoker at 160? did that for 3 hours, flipping them every hour and putting more marinate on them,then raised the temperature to 225ish? For another 3 hour's with flipping and marinating, was thinking about smoking a little longer next time
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I think your ribs look fantastic.


If your looking for a little different approach to smoking ribs check this out.



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Thanks for the link, the ribs look good smokinAl, are the ribs temperatures supposed to be 190+ when pulling them off the grill for safety to eat?
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Originally Posted by bignick1984 View Post

Thanks for the link, the ribs look good smokinAl, are the ribs temperatures supposed to be 190+ when pulling them off the grill for safety to eat?


No the IT of 195 will give you a rib that is very juicy & tender, but not quite fall off the bone.


At 200-205 the ribs will be falling off the bone tender.


For pork ribs anything above 145 is safe to eat, but at that temp they will be very tough & chewy.



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Good to know, thanks!!
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Question for someone that may be able to answer hopefully. Have any of you smoked ribs at very low temperature for long hours?.. I'm thinking of 160 for 3-4 hours then going to 190 for 3-5 hours.. can it be done or would it be unsafe to cook?
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Hi bignick,

it could be done at a low temp like that but you have to bear in mind the 4 hour guide for bugs.
Being ribs I'd imagine that they would be up to a safe temp fairly quickly, i.e. less than 4 hours.
I'd never heard of it until I came on here, but it's something to be aware of.

Only thing I would imagine though is that they will be VERY smokey and possibly a bit bitter. The GMG pumps out quite a lot of smoke at that temp and not necessarily the best quality smoke.
I think the guide is 185 to start then bump it up.

Great but if kit though aren't they! I have a DB. Did a 9 hr smoke of ribs on saturday. They were awesome. Didnt foil at all, which I normally do, and the bark and flavour was great.

Trying a butt this weekend and poss a brisket. Mmm.
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Grrr. Bit of kit...
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hey thanks for the reply and advice, May I ask what your recipe/temp for a 9 hour smoke?.. Here is a recipe on gmg website that I followed for these ribs, they were pretty good.

I also have the DB gmg, I like it but kinda wish I got the bigger one with WiFi. Oh well maybe next time!!

The pork shoulder I have done I injected it with a mixture of Apple juice and Worcester sauce all over then season it. Put it in the smoker at 225 and let it go until finished. Best one I have made so far!!

I also been wanting to do a brisket but the weather here in California hasn't been too warm so I don't want to burn through more pellets then needed.
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