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Real onion

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I see and my self have only used onion substitute on any smoking. Is there a reason that an actual onion is not used? Would it just sweat off instead of penetrate as the substitutes too inedible after smoking? Just a curios thought as I did my brisket this past weekend
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There are a few guys that place onions in the water in the water pan. Quite a few even smoke onion to eat. I think one factor is cook time. ON longer cooks the onion itself may become inedible, do to over smoking. I use fresh garlic and onion in fatties, meatloaf, etc.

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If I'm marinating prior to smoking/grilling, I always use fresh, grated onion, garlic etc...


In a rub, the fresh onion and garlic cook off to a burnt, bitter flavor. On a long smoke like you mentioned(brisket), the dried versions do not burn. They form a nice, flavorful bark when the fat from the meat renders and combines with the rub ingredients.


As to smoking onions, it's basically the same as doing it in the oven. A drizzle of evoo, salt and black pepper and pull when the edges becomes caramelized.

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When I smoke almost anything I smoke it in a pan.


A lot of times I put coarse chopped onion, garlic, celery, & carrots in the pan with some broth with the meat.



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I figured there was method behind the madness, now I know the method. I figured pan smoking wouldn't be a problem.
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It's like the meeting of the minds here I love it. Always in awe of the knowledge no matter how many years I've been a member
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