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Old Member Returns

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Hey everybody.  I am back after a long hiatus.  My name is Jeff and I live in El Paso, Texas.  Technically we are in the State of Texas but so far west and on the New Mexico border that the rest of the state ignores us.  That means we don't like to smoke in the style you associate with Texas.  Here we prefer  a more subtle and refined taste.  That means less super heavy bark with juicier and more succulent meat as a result.  We don't use oak but typically mesquite and various fruit woods like apple.   I have been smoking with a Cook Shack electric model for over 10 years and have started to think about investing in a new pellet type smoker.  I would appreciate any suggestions. 

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Welcome back Jeff!  I'm not familiar with pellet smokers, but I'm sure there are quite a few folks here with them.  Good to have you with us.



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Welcome back to the forum Jeff.


There are a bunch of guys on here with pellet smokers.


Check out this section.



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