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New member from MA

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My name is Mike.  I have been reading this forum for a few years as a I got into smoking.  Have really enjoyed learning from the posts and info on this site.


I live in MA as my username implies.  Bought a Brinkmann Electric a few years ago as a way to try smoking without spending major $.  At the time there wasn't a ton of buzz about smoking meats in my area, but since then it has really picked up to the point where I regularly hear of people using backyard smokers.


I like the electric for the ease of use and plan to run with it until it dies (my Brinkmann has held on longer than I thought it would)


Mostly I smoke ribs and pork butt.  Even do so in the cold NE winters by wrapping the smoker with a water heater blanket to keep it up to temp.


Today I am trying beef short ribs, I posted about it in the beef forum.

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Welcome to the site, Mike.


I'm happy that you decided to join us.


Glad to have you aboard.



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Welcome to the forum Mike!  Glad you joined us.



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thanks guys!

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Another WELCOME! from another MA smoker. I'm out in South Central MA. Anything I can do for ya, let me know.

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