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First Attempt at beef short ribs

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After a few years of smoking ribs and pork butts mostly I decided today was the day to try out something new so I am making an attempt at short ribs.


Put some worcestershire and garlic on them last night and rubbed them up with a cowboy rub.  Using mesquite and a bit of pecan chips, water pan in.


Put them on about 7:15 here in MA.  Looking to get them up to 200 before pulling them.  Considering wrapping them in foil at around 160.




Hoping for the best!

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Now just about 3 hours in, temp 163 so things are moving along.


I think I am going to skip the foil wrap and just let them ride up to 200 or so.  


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Beef ribs really benefit from the braise phase. I've taken them straight no wrap and they never come out as tender as if you wrap them. It's the only cut I ever wrap.
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I'm with DS,wrapped will be better! Leave one or two out and taste the difference for yourself big difference.
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+1 on the wrap for those. I like to put them in a foil pan covered.
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I also agree on foiling them. I like to put a little beef broth in the foil with the ribs.



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Wrap add some Beer and BBQ Sauce it will amaze you


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Nekkid all the way!!!



They look like chuck short ribs, the meat on top of the bone. Just let them go, no foil.


In the oven, I would braise them with liquid. On the smoker, never. Like a brisket, let them go until they hit 200+ and you'll be amazed at how tender and juicy they come out, with an amazing bark.  

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Thanks for all the input-


I took them to just above 200 and kept them un-wrapped.  In all truth the last picture I posted was when I had to decide and then I had to bring my kid to his soccer game.  By the time I got back it was time to pull them off.  


Rested them for 30 mins or so.  


By that time said kid wondered into the kitchen and announced he was starved after his game and proceeded to make short work of the short ribs!  

So, no picture of the finished product!


They were good, I was surprised how good they were.  Some were just a bit dry, so maybe the wrap would have helped.


Next time I am going to wrap them so I can get a comparison point.


Definitely will try short ribs again.

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Hi all


thanks for the input on the first attempt, going to try again this long weekend with the wrap step this time.


Was at the store contemplating a brisket first attempt but decided to stay with the shorties again!

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